by Miss Grit

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Damien Is OK
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Damien Is OK Each track is absolutely bewitching and distinct. Favorite track: Grow Up To.
David Jones
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David Jones Sensational! I can't put into words how good this album is, you are a breath of fresh air, so prolific. Look forward to seeing you when you're back in the UK headlining. Favorite track: Blonde.
anydoll13 thumbnail
anydoll13 This is one of those magical albums that gets better with every listen. And forget having the same favorite song each time. I love the mix of indie pop and alternative rock, and I can't wait to hear more. Favorite track: Dark Side of the Party.
Steven thumbnail
Steven Great collection of varied songs. Heavy, sensitive. Just beautiful. Hope for more to hear from Miss Grit. Favorite track: Blonde.
Los Angeles Loves You
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Los Angeles Loves You One of the more electrifying bands we've seen live over the last few years hints at even bigger things to come with this new EP. Favorite track: Impostor.
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Don't Wander 02:12
There’s no more reward for winning There’s a bigger toll for missing Reaching out, reaching out for your own hand But how can you trust where you stand Don’t Wander…
Power plays for nobody Our work pays the water tank for nothing If they think you’re somebody You’ll have to prove you’ve got what they want And they want Buy the Banter Power waits for nobody Play their game or you’ll dissolve to nothing Cause you’re nothing Buy the Banter
Blonde 05:41
I wish I was blonde Walking back home I’ll sing along Tracking their words from all their songs I don’t hear how I sound wrong I wish you were calm You find your voice so fun Can’t understand no one When all you can do is talk on I’ve got nothing to say...
Grow Up To 02:57
'Grow Up To' is exemplary of Sohn’s dramatic shifts in sound, showing her technical prowess as a guitarist and melodist. lyrics When I fall dead I’ll still crave the next place all the same And in the morning I will wait till it’s late for my fate, resuscitate Grow Up To...
Flavored water Makes you smarter, no Makes you taller High up, high up You’re getting smaller I’m having trouble seeing double I try, I try, I try Why can’t I? Calm down, lie down My body Slow down, shut down The party My religion Has no witness, no Isn’t finished High up, high up What a good business I can’t tell hearts apart from spare parts I try, I try, I try Why can’t I? Calm down, lie down My body Slow down, shut down The party
Impostor 04:25
Your color’s uncategorizable Your clothing’s contorting your state of mind Your reward’s Faking worth I can’t quite smile I did not win this prize of mine They’re clapping awfully loud For no tribulations or trials Your reward’s Faking worth You’re no star Imposter Let ‘em smile… Let me smile...


Impostor addresses Miss Grit's life-long navigation through the racial impostor syndrome she experienced as a half-Korean girl "trying to fit into the white space" of the Michigan suburbs where she grew up. Not even a move to New York City, where she studied music technology at NYU and began to dream of creating effects pedals for a living, could ease her internal conflict. Part of that uneasiness for Sohn was her initial success with Talk Talk and the feeling “she was someone who was impersonating a musician." Her solution was producing the EP by herself at Brooklyn’s Virtue and Vice Studios so that she had complete creative control.


released February 5, 2021

Written and Produced by Margaret Sohn
Guitars and Keys by Margaret Sohn
Bass by Zoltan Sindhu
Drums by Gregory Tock


all rights reserved



Miss Grit Brooklyn, New York


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